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Last Updates on CafePlus

Windows 10, 32 and 64 bit blocking system has been updated.
USB quota system has been updated.
USB quota system is now also availabe to involve transactions to the devices like Android Mobile and Camera.
Remote Supporting system has been renewed.
Excluding option has been added for the games that were not working due to Blocking system, by adding them to the list.
Blocking of Forbidden Website has been enabled to work on MS Edge Browser.
Voice Control System has been modified.
Steam account renting option has been enabled.
Graphical modifications have been made.

What is CafePlus?

Cafeplus; It is a cafe management software that appeals to internet cafes, laboratories, internet web filtering businesses, billiard halls and playstation halls and consists of computer, vision, kitchen, playstation / billiards, table sections.

With CafePlus program, you can make computer, game console and table tabulation, you can activate the messaging system between Server-Client or Client-Client in your cafe. If you have too many computers and your customer traffic is intense, you may be running more than one cashier. With CafePlus12 you can easily keep your accounts under control.

In addition to these, you can specify the minutes the customer wants at the account opening and ensure that the computer is automatically locked at the end of the time limit. You can limit access to the list of sites you specify in your cafe. Thus, you can block sites that are likely to contain harmful content and keep your cafe safe.