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About CafePlus12

The circulation in internet cafes, billiard halls and playstation cafes is quite high. Many issues such as food orders, hourly table openings, computer printouts, file transfer, control of access to banned sites need to be resolved quickly. Managing these processes manually is very difficult. Our CafePlus internet cafe and playstation cafe management program can offer you different solutions for operational tasks.

With the CafePlus program, where you can carry out operations with fast solutions in internet cafes, playstation and billiard halls, you can track computers, game consoles and tables; You can use the file sending and receiving system between servers and clients, you can produce solutions to many issues such as tracking member and accounting transactions.

In addition, with the cafeplus mobile application (Android & IOS) support, where you can manage table operations from mobile platforms, you can flawlessly advance the management operations even if you are not in your internet cafe.